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Top 21 Tips to Crush Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

Top 21 Tips to Crush Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

As prime mortgage rates fall and the market becomes flush, you’ll need to ensure your social media marketing plan is updated and profitable. In their new blog post, J Gurner provides us with several ways to ensure you’re on the right path. By utilizing polling techniques, paying for active audiences, keeping the ads tasteful by being sensitive to all social groups and by remembering each platform is designed for a specific purpose, you’ll be set up for selling success!

Key Takeaways:

  • One real estate marketer found that one highly effective way to secure new clients was to use polls in her Instagram stories.
  • To ensure that browsers were effectively engaged, the marketer would include the poll question with the last caption of her Instagram story.
  • One way to be proactive as a real estate marketer is to find people already seeking property on Zillow and then follow them on Facebook.

“We talked to agents who are crushing it on social media and we’ll share their top tips to help you dominate your farm area.”

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