Under the influence: When social media stars advertise real estate – Daily Gaming World

Companies are using influencers for just about everything including real estate. Influencers are now showing real estate properties to their viewers. They typically show a tour of the house and discuss the special amenities that are available. They usually will create stories and make posts about the house several times. The realtors use influencers from different fields such as food, home design, lifestyle, travel and mom blogs. The realtors will sometimes use four different type of influencers for the same house believing that the house will be exposed to many different kinds of viewers. The one thing that these viewers have in common is that they live on the internet and wouldn’t get exposed to the house in a traditional way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Influencers can be used to sell a lifestyle of which real estate is a part.
  • One group is using food influencers to draw attention to social infrastructure in certain locations.
  • There are now young influencers who are turning their focus to real estate.

“In times when people basically live on the Internet, influencer marketing guarantees seamless information sharing.”

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